Museums and other institutions with string figure artefacts

- an inventory of string figures mounted on card, string figures on film, string figure photographs, and recordings of string figure songs

Compiled by Martin Probert

Other Archives with String Figure Artefacts
Survival, Origin and Mathematics of String Figures


Acknowledgement: I wish to thank DeSoto Brown, Collection Manager, Archives, for supplying details of the following artefacts.

Hawaiian string figures (34) glued and pinned on paper

Film: "Ka Po'e Hula Hawai'i Kahiko (The Hula People of Old Hawai'i)"

Sound recordings of Hawaiian string figure chants ("mele hei")

Photographs of Hawaiian Islands figures

Photographs of Austral Islands figures

Photographs, and contact prints from now-deteriorated movie film, of Austral Islands figures

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Other Archives with String Figure Artefacts
The Mathematics and Origin of String Figures
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