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- an inventory of string figures mounted on card, string figures on film, string figure photographs, and recordings of string figure songs

Compiled by Martin Probert

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Acknowledgements: I wish to thank Anita Herle, Senior Assistant Curator (Anthropology), and Amiria Henare, Assistant Curator, for their assistance during the compilation of this inventory.

Photographs of string figures, Yam Island, Torres Strait, Australasia

  1. P.1131.ACH1. 1914. Two girls are shown making string figures. Photographer: Kathleen Rishbeth.

Photographs of string figures, Papua New Guinea

  1. N.35943.ACH2. Film negative. Man displaying string figure, Purari Delta.
  2. P.47938.ACH2. Woman showing string figure on board ĎAdaí at Maderi, Fly River Estuary.
  3. P.48520.ACH2. B&W print. 1914. String figures, Port Moresby.
  4. P.48641.ACH2. B&W print. "Kathleen playing string figures", Mailu Island.
  1. P.1595.ACH1. 1914. Man displaying string figure, Purari Delta. Photographer: Kathleen Rishbeth.
  2. P.2249.ACH1. 1923. Daedae Village, Fergusson Island (Moratau) of the D'Entrecasteaux group 'where the natives are very clever in making various cat's cradles tricks'.

Photographs of string figures, New Zealand

  1. P.4674.ACH1. Mika Te Tawhao playing wahai. Whakatane River, Ruatoki district, Bay of Plenty, North Island. Photographer: Werner Kissling.

Photographs of string figures, Africa, Northern Congo

  1. P.7145.ACH1.
  2. P.7146.ACH1.
  3. P.7147.ACH1.
  1. N.35277.ACH2.
  2. N.35278.ACH2

Photographs of string figures, ?Africa

  1. N.48029.ACH2.
  2. N.48030.ACH2.
  3. N.48032.ACH2.
  4. N.48033.ACH2.
  5. N.48034.ACH2.
  6. N.48035.ACH2.

Photograph of string figure, ?Africa ?South East Asia

  1. N.48031.ACH2. Man showing a string figure.

Photographs of string figures, Africa, Cross River Area

  1. P.61348.GIJ. B&W print.

Photographs of string figures, Canada, Baffin Island

  1. N.88189.PAT. Glass negative, quarterplate.
  2. N.88190.PAT. Glass negative, quarterplate.
  3. N.88191.PAT. Glass negative, quarterplate.
  4. N.88192.PAT. Glass negative, quarterplate.
  5. N.88193.PAT. Glass negative, quarterplate.
  6. N.88194.PAT. Glass negative, quarterplate.
  7. N.88195.PAT. Glass negative, quarterplate.
  8. N.88196.PAT. Film negative.

Photographs of string figures from the Arctic.

  1. N.88757.PAT.
  2. N.88758.PAT.
  3. N.88759.PAT.
  4. N.88760.PAT.
  5. N.88761.PAT.
  6. N.88762.PAT.
  7. N.88763.PAT.
  8. N.88764.PAT.
  9. N.88765.PAT.
  10. N.88766.PAT.
  11. N.88767.PAT.
  12. N.88768.PAT.

Photographs of string figures, North America

  1. P.8089.ACH1. Eskimo making string figure.
  2. P.8794.ACH1. pre 1935. A simple catís cradle forms a device for making triple-ply yarn. Navajo.
  3. P.8795.ACH1. pre 1935. Catís cradle for three-ply. Navajo.

Photographs of string figures from Japan

  1. P.56944.RDG.

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